Neogeo: Arcade Vs. CD

Discussion in 'Wii - Emulation and Homebrew' started by drakorex, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. drakorex

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    Jan 19, 2011
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    I'm trying to decide if I need to get the cd games when I have the arcade games. Are the cd games any better, or are there any cd only games?
  2. Recorderdude

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    Jun 19, 2010
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    The CD games usually have some bonus content, E.G. The CD Versions of Metal Slug and Metal Slug X have an extra "mission mode" to extend game playability. If you're just going to play the game its honestly not worth the extra disk space it takes up for CD vers.
  3. Korudo

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    Apr 24, 2008
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    The CD versions usually use the "arranged" soundtracks, which are leaps and bounds better.