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    Jul 14, 2009
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    Im not really sure where to post this.
    I am having a problem with NeoGamma.
    I have followed all Softmodded intructions. Everything working fine. I also followed intructions on how to make WBFS partition from this link "" and formatted the unallocated hard drive to WBFS from WBFS Manager and Load it then managed ISO from WBFS program to WBFS drive using WBFS manager. When I plug my ext hdd usb into Wii and boot NeoGamma from homebrew and changed Load mode to then press A. I keep getting Mounting Tries 30 29 28 27 26.....0 then nothing happen. What is going on?
    PS: Wii is very old got it from first launch. Firmware is 4.2E, using Maxtor 160gb hdd 2'5.
    PS.2: Sorry for poor English.

    Thanks heap.