Neogamma with multidisk GC games

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by Sicklyboy, Nov 15, 2011.

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    So I finally got my Gamecube backups to launch through Neogamma. Turns out I was using crap media (NexxTech DVD-R media, now using Memorex DVD-R media). So games launch no problem, but I have a few questions again.

    1, How do multi disk games work? Say I want to play Resident Evil 0, which is a two disk game. How would I swap it in the middle of the game? I've already tried ejecting and re-inserting the disk when playing a Zelda multigame backup, and it didn't read it when I put it back in, so I don't really think it would work this way either...

    2, since scrubbing games can mess up streaming audio, how do you know which games have streaming audio and would need.. FSTFix (is that what it is called)?

    3, How do I rip the retail gamecube disks that I have to my computer so I can make a multigame iso? My computers dvd drives arent recognizing there is a game in there, and I tried ripping a gcm with Swiss but it froze. I had read online you can just rip an iso with imgburn, which didn't work since windows didn't detect any disk in the first place. Is there an app for the Wii that can do it, or any other way with the computer? Or do I have to resort to downloading a backup of these as well?

    Thanks a bunch guys

    edit - and I forgot a 4th one, though it's not really important. can cIOSCrap launch gamecube backups as well as long as a proper cMIOS is installed? I use postloader2 so I just launch the Neogamma channel, but I would still be interested in knowing this. I doubt I would subject my Wii to that kind of torture though.