1. alphaque

    OP alphaque Newbie

    Jun 5, 2009
    United States

    From my softmoded Wii (4.1u), I tried to load some of my backup disc from Neogamma 9 (Using IOS 249 R17), it is either gave me this error "dvd read error (1328)" OR "DVD Err(1729), Read TOC" error, none of the backup disc could load. When i was in softmod 3.2u before i upgraded to 4.1u last week, those backup disc could be loaded without any issues.

    Also, i could load the *same* backup disc without any issue from the disc channel (this rules out any Disc compatibility issue or media error) and if i copied the game to the USB HDD, they can also be loaded via CFG_USBloader (using cIOS 248)

    Can some guru out there advice me how do i fix the Neogamma to load my backup disc ? I really love Neogamma :-(

    thanks in advance.
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