NeoGamma R9 Beta 52 Help: COD-MW3

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by NovaxMoonbite, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. NovaxMoonbite

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    Dec 10, 2011
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    every game i buy i use make a backup onto my sd card and play it from neogama *channel*.
    because i use neogamma from a channel and not an sd card, i cant use ios switcher.... so i upgraded from NeoGamma R9 Beta 47 to NeoGamma R9 Beta 52 (249).... it works well and plays all of my backups
    i just bought and backed up cod:mw3 and when i try to play it (using neogamma) it starts up and gets stuck at "loading..."
    i had this issue w/ black ops as well but cod:modern warfare reflex (and my other games) work perfectly..
    can anyone help me out w/ this loading issue?? i like to be sure i have a backup on an sdcard (cant get a hdd) incase my games get damaged but if it dosn't work (like this one) i'm screw :P
    ****any help at all will be much appreciated...

    here's my syscheck (if needed)
    note: i havnt hacked ina while so im a bit rusty and dont want to do anything w/o getting help first

    sysCheck v2.1.0b10 by Double_A and R2-D2199
    ...runs on IOS58 (rev 6176).

    Region: NTSC-U

    System Menu 4.3U (v513)

    Priilaoder installed

    Homebrew Channel 1.0.8 running on IOS58

    Hollywood v0x21

    Console ID: 126785276

    Boot2 v4

    Found 131 titles.

    Found 46 IOS on this console. 14 of them are stub.

    IOS3 (rev 65280): Stub

    IOS4 (rev 65280): Stub

    IOS9 (rev 1034): No Patches

    IOS10 (rev 768): Stub

    IOS11 (rev 256): Stub

    IOS12 (rev 526): No Patches

    IOS13 (rev 1032): No Patches

    IOS14 (rev 1032): No Patches

    IOS15 (rev 1032): No Patches

    IOS16 (rev 512): Stub

    IOS17 (rev 1032): No Patches

    IOS20 (rev 256): Stub

    IOS21 (rev 1039): No Patches

    IOS22 (rev 1294): No Patches

    IOS28 (rev 1807): No Patches

    IOS30 (rev 2816): Stub

    IOS31 (rev 3608): No Patches

    IOS33 (rev 3608): No Patches

    IOS34 (rev 3608): No Patches

    IOS35 (rev 3608): No Patches

    IOS36 (rev 3608): Trucha Bug, ES Identify, NAND Access

    IOS37 (rev 5663): No Patches

    IOS38 (rev 4124): No Patches

    IOS40 (rev 3072): Stub

    IOS41 (rev 3607): No Patches

    IOS43 (rev 3607): No Patches

    IOS45 (rev 3607): No Patches

    IOS46 (rev 3607): No Patches

    IOS48 (rev 4124): No Patches

    IOS50 (rev 5120): Stub

    IOS51 (rev 4864): Stub

    IOS52 (rev 5888): Stub

    IOS53 (rev 5663): No Patches

    IOS55 (rev 5663): No Patches

    IOS56 (rev 5662): No Patches

    IOS57 (rev 5919): No Patches

    IOS58 (rev 6176): USB 2.0

    IOS60 (rev 6400): Stub

    IOS61 (rev 5662): No Patches

    IOS70 (rev 6912): Stub

    IOS80 (rev 6944): No Patches

    IOS223 (rev 65280): Stub

    IOS236[36] (rev 65535, Info: rev 3351): Trucha Bug, ES Identify, NAND Access

    IOS249[56] (rev 20, Info: rev 20): Trucha Bug, NAND Access, USB 2.0

    IOS250 (rev 65535): Trucha Bug, NAND Access, USB 2.0

    IOS254 (rev 65281): BootMii

    BC v6

    MIOS v10

    Report generated on 2011/12/10.
    thanks in advance....
  2. Lucif3r

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    Sep 10, 2011
    Ok I have no idea how neogamma works, but MW3 and BO needs a base 57 cIOS to run rather than the standard base 56.
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  3. WiiPower

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    Oct 17, 2008
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    Install the 2 recommended cIOS and check your options.

    NeoGamma has an option called "IOS for games: Autodetect", if you have d2x56vX as IOS249 and d2x57vX as IOS250, it will automatically load IOS250 for games that require IOS57. Now you know.
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  4. NovaxMoonbite

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    Dec 10, 2011
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    thanks alot :D
    do you have a link for this d2x56vX as IOS249 and d2x57vX as IOS250??
    (the game loads ..its just it get stuck at that cod "loading..." screen
    and how to install it? (im used to installing via homebrew channel and cios installer rev20b by waninkoko)
    thanks again for the help you guys
  5. FIX94

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    Dec 3, 2009
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  6. NovaxMoonbite

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    Dec 10, 2011
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    so i've downloaded the requested files and read the readme
    i have these options in the installer:
    select cios
    select cios base
    select cios slot **highligjted in red**
    select cios revision
  7. NovaxMoonbite

    NovaxMoonbite Newbie

    Dec 10, 2011
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  8. rolltide629

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    Dec 15, 2011
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    I have followed all of these instructions and still get a black screen. anyone got any ideas as to what i am doing wrong? I can play the game fine in backup loader and it works flawlessly. But now im wanting to try and load it with neogamma so i can try out some cheat codes. But its just not working for me.