NeoGamma And ocarina

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    Jul 28, 2009
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    Hi, sorry if this is n00btastic but I've only been playing around with all this the past week. I've tried searching, but I don't think I found what Im looking for. And also, this is my first post on any kind of Wii forum, so be nice [​IMG]

    I have NeoGamma R6 installed on my Wii, and having gotten multiple games working fine. And now I am trying to use Ocarina. I've used a program that came with it when I downloaded it to create the .gct file for the game(right game ID and all that nonsense). And when I go into Ocarina, in the first all black screen, it says to put in the SD card and disc then click A. But when I do, its says something like, error-no DVD.
    I can play it fine, but ocarina doesn't know its there.

    So, could someone please help me on how to get ocarina codes working through Neogamma R6? I've tried doing this by myself and searching, but I can't find how.

    Thanks to anyone who is able to help me! (Or at least reply!)