Neogama busted by WiiConnect24 while StartPatch in place?

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by ttguy, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. ttguy

    ttguy Newbie

    Jan 20, 2010
    I have recently used the amazing newbie guide of nabster92 to softmod my 4.2E Wii.
    This had got me to the point where I could use NeoGammaR7 to launch backup games.

    Now up until this point I have had WiiConnect24 off while I had been installing the HomeBrew. But I like Wii news and Weather so I thought I would use StartPatch to kill online and disk updates and then turn WiiConnect24 back on.

    So this morning I ran StartPatch 4.2.6E.rar on my Wii and installed the following patches

    Disable Disc Region Checks 1 to 5
    Disable HAXX, DVDX, R2DX checks
    Block Disc Updates
    Block online Updates
    Auto press A at Health screen
    All the patches seemed to apply. No errors were returned. And indeed there was no need to press the A at health screen on reboot of the wii.

    So I was feeling all confident now that Block online updates patch was in place. So I decided to turn WiiConnect24 back on. And it worked. I downloaded the latest news and weather. Right before I left for work I was playing a game loaded using NeoGammaR7. But when I came home from work this same disk would not play the game. The game would load up to point and then "the game disk could not be read. consult the Manual."

    So I restore my NAND backup using BootMii and then suddenly I can play the game again.

    So either WiiConnect24 or a game my 8 year old played durring my 8hr absence killed the ability of my Wii to play backup disks.

    So what is the "Block online updates" or "Block Disk updates" actually blocking?

    For me it does not really seem to work

    Is my experience unusual?

    ps I have cIOS Rev 14 installed in IOS249 and IOS250 I have Truncha bug in IOS 250, IOS249 and IOS36 HBC 1.0.6
  2. VashTS

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    Mar 14, 2009
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    wiiconnect24 will not affect anything, all it does is keep the news and weather channels up to date, and show some mii's in certain games from the online database of mii's. something happened in between, try activating it and then loading a backup, i bet it will work. do you have any retail discs? if so, possibly it update something, but that shouldn't matter again as long as you have ios249 installed properly. sounds like you got bootmii in boot2 so don't worry too much but something happened between you turning it on and loading the next backup.
  3. ttguy

    ttguy Newbie

    Jan 20, 2010
    Well. I have had another go at turning on WiiConnect24. And WiiConnect24 has made some update to kill the playing of backup games.
    • * Evening 21/1/10 play my backup using NeoGamma - works fine.
      * Check that the patchs for no diskupdate and no online update are inplace
      * Turn on WiiConnect24 with Standby = Yes
      * refresh the news and weather
      * restart the Wii
      * play backup game with NeoGamma - works fine
      * restart the Wii
      * Play mario kart - original version
      * restart the wii
      * Play backup game again with NeoGamma - works fine

      * Leave wii off overnight (with WiiConnect24 on with Standby = Yes).
      * Next morning.
      * Backup will not play.
      * restore NAND backup.
      * The game plays
    From this series of events there can really be no other conclusion except that having WiiConnect24 on for 8hrs or so causes the killing of the ability to play backups.
    I have left WiiConnect24 off for days and not had this issue.

    I wonder how many users actually have WiiConnect24 on.
  4. Sketter

    Sketter Advanced Member

    Dec 15, 2008
    I have never turned mine off, and i have never had a problem.
    This has to be user error.
  5. ttguy

    ttguy Newbie

    Jan 20, 2010
    What error could I have made in my sleep? [​IMG]

    WiiConnect24 off for days. - games play
    WiiConnect24 on for 8 hrs durring the night - games do not play
    Restore backup - games instantly play.

    There is not much room for error there.

    It could be a massive co-incidence - but having it happen 2 out of 2 times I had WiiConnect24 on - I doubt it.

    A regular restart of the Wii does not fix the issue but a NAND restore and reboot does. This is not a co-incidence !
  6. Am0s

    Am0s Mojo Risin

    Jul 9, 2009
    didn't nintendo change their eula to ram updates down your throat when its on without consent? surely this would have some impact the main reason why my wiiconnect24 is off
  7. DKAngel

    DKAngel GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Jan 5, 2009
    ive also have my wiiconnect on with neogamma r8rc1 with ciosrev17 and can playeverything i own still
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