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    Jan 1, 2007
    NeoDSConvert.GUI v0.01


    Unpack the archive you downloaded to the folder of your choice, then copy NeoDSConvert.exe into it. You must also create a folder called BIOS inside that folder and copy your NeoGeo bios file (neogeo.zip) into it.


    - Use the left hand file browser to choose the NeoGeo rom you want to convert.
    - Select the bios you want to use in the top right corner. (It remembers your choice)
    - Use the right hand file browser to select your output path.
    - Hit the convert button!

    The program will then copy the selected rom and the NeoGeo bios file into a temporary folder and run NeoDSConvert.exe. All the information output by NeoDSConvert.exe is output in a window, after running the conversion program the window will wait for a keypress so you can check to see if there are any errors. Once you hit a key to continue the program will then copy the converted .neo file to the output folder.


    This is just quickly knocked together. There's no tooltips, error checking or anything like that. If people want to use it I'll touch it up a little.

    Zip file format
    Rar file format
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