1. Brad Smith

    OP Brad Smith Member

    Jun 23, 2013
    I've recently setup Wiiflow as well as neek2o. I found that all the settings are shared in Wiiflow when running it from the real NAND and the emunand (i.e. running Wiiflow from neek2o).

    This is how the games are run with Wiiflow:

    NO neek2o "mode" in real NAND: Runs the game, returns to the real NAND.
    neek2o "mode" in real NAND: Runs the game, returns to emunand.
    Wiiflow run from emunand: Runs game, returns to emunand.

    Now I really only use the "neek2o" mode in Wiiflow for compatibility for certain games (World of Goo). When I run ANY game, I always want to return to the real NAND. The problem is Wiiflow doesn't allow you to specify a different "Return to Channels" for the real and emunand Wiiflow.

    So I created separate "Return to Real NAND" channels. Two that can be installed in the real NAND, one that installs in the emunand.

    With these three channels, Wiiflow runs games like this:
    NO neek2o "mode" in real NAND: Runs games, returns to the real NAND or returns to Wiiflow.
    neek2o "mode" in real NAND: Runs game, returns to the real NAND.

    That way, whatever game you open, your ALWAYS returned to the real NAND. To setup, install two of the following channels and specify your Wiiflow "Return to Channel" to be "Return to Real NAND".

    Return to Real NAND (nSwitch)
    - Install in the emunand with ShowMiiWads. Can be run like "Back 2 Nand" to switch back to the real nand.

    Return to Real NAND (Wiiflow)
    - Install in the real NAND with MMM. When returning from a game that was NOT run in neek2o mode, this will launch Wiiflow (works with the latest Wiiflow 4.1.3).


    Return to Real NAND (Do Nothing)
    - Install in the real NAND with MMM. When returning from a game, nothing will run, so after running a game, you're returned to the system menu of the real NAND.

    If you want to be able to run neek2o from Homebrew, you can do so with the neek2o Homebrew Launcher. Just place it in the sd:/apps folder and run it with Homebrew instead of having a dedicated neek2o channel. This lets you hide neek2o from plain view.


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  2. Th3-Blu3BoMb3r

    Th3-Blu3BoMb3r Mark D.

    Mar 4, 2013
    United States
    any way you could make one of these to return to wiiflow that does run a game in neek2o mode
  3. Eldon.McGuinness


    Mar 2, 2016
    Burkina Faso
    This is exactly what I needed and wanted to do as well! Cheers!
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