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Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by JuggaletteENJ, Jan 29, 2010.

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    I have had nothing but trouble here lately. My Hdd was formatted to wbfs and I had about 140 games on it. It wouldnt let me add any other games. I have PLENTY of space left on it. So I ripped all the games as an ISO onto my hdd on my computer and I reformatted the external HDD so I could basically start over, but I am reading a lot of things that say I shouldn't use wbfs anymore. Also, more then 1/2 of my games won't copy, like they are corrupt. The ISO's are on my computer, but when I try to use wbfs manager or wii backup mansger, it acts like there is issues with the games. all the games played fine before I started any of this, I just got mad because i couldn't add anymore. I guess my basic question is how do I save them as another format (if that is a better solution) and is there a way to get all my games to work again? Sorry if there is a guide to this, feel free to link me to it, I have just been dealing with this for a couple days now and getting ticked!!!

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    i hope i'm wrong, but if there was already an error in your hdd before you backup all games to your pc, there are great chances that your iso's are corrupted.

    afaik, wbfs is a raw format, so that's why i prefer NTFS over wbfs.

    windows checks my usb hdd everytime i connect it to my pc, minimizing the chances of having many games corrupted...