Need utility that can play DS music looped continuously

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    I want to make extended versions of some of the game music in DS games but VGMtrans only plays through the song once... I need a utility that can play the game music is DS games looping continuously until I stop it or loop x amount of times...

    where can I find something that can do this???

    sorry if this is the wrong spot to post, feel free to move if necessary
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    Three options

    1) Hack the track you want to repeat to jump back to the start at the end of the track. It should be a single command hack and relatively easily done. Not sure of VGMtrans is quite up for it (it got a bit tricky at one point, I have not tried the new version).
    2) Make a playlist and make it silly long with duplicates. Copy and paste and copy all and paste and copy all and paste soon ends up with a rather large track.
    3) Foobar has it. In the version I have here if you click on the playback dropdown menu, order sub menu and then there is the option to repeat tracks, albums and whatever else. I tested it here on a nice 5 second track from Phoenix Wright as I was typing this and I am about to headbutt my speakers as putting that on repeat was a bad idea.