Need to RMA my Wii and my nephew's laser stopped working: Can I co

Discussion in 'Wii - Hardware, Devices and Utilities' started by CZroe, Jun 26, 2008.

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    My launch Wii is modded, so I bought a second Wii (D2C) to swap drives with while I do the paid out-of-warranty RMA. It's being RMAed for multiple problems (bad GC memory card slots and artifacting).

    The thing is, my nephew's Wii that I also purchased in 2006 suddenly stopped reading nearly all discs, backup or original. I had to load Twilight Princess about 15 times or more to actually install the Homebrew Channel. His shelf was covered in a thick layer of dust and even the coin-cell battery came out with a dust-bunny attached to it!

    I tried to run the Wii DVD player with a $20 DiscDoctor drive laser lense cleaner but there was no way it would run the Verbatim DVD+R disc (Symbiote has only released the disc-image player, which obviously can't be used with "thc"). I took it apart and blew it out as much as I could with a near-empty can of compressed air and it started booting originals consistently, albeit, still with problems... Though I watched the opening cinematic after some initial delays, Super Smash Bros Brawl is still a no-go and it locked up before I could even start a match (similar behavior as mine with bad DL media, but this was an original).

    He's visiting from out of state and will be heading home in less than a day, so I need to know:
    Can/should I swap laser units from his GC2-DMS drive into my D2C drive before the RMA? It's already a paid, out-of-warranty RMA with multiple issues, and Nintendo already agreed to fix all SSBB Wii drive issues for free, so this is purely a technical question (not moral). Can I just swap the controller board? Do I have to worry about a POT or anything being adjusted for the other Wii?
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