need someone that knows how to import 3D DBZ BT3 PS2 models into DBZ BT3 Wii game


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Nov 28, 2021
Hello im currently working on a HD texture pack for Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkachi 3 Wii USA, this texture pack will be for FREE!

ive seen these youtube vids, people are successfully importing models into the ps2 vers of the game, swapping preexisting characters for new ones. for example the creator Kinnikuchu managed to get the character young chi chi swapped with her grown up version from the Dragonball series, id love to be able to import canon fan favorite models people would love to have in the Wii vers and upscale those textures as well.

if i get the creators permission. this is the model swap im hoping to get imported in the Wii version as a first attempt. hopefully more characters can be added to the game with time. providing i get permission.

i spoke to someone who managed to successfully do this, with the Wii version. unfortunately they're too busy with other projects their undertaking to help me with this. i discovered their is a creator on youtube called Zerodevs whom created a tool for the wii version that can apparently import models, bones, and animations. unfortunately the ui for the tool is in spanish and i do not know this language unfortunately. and without a tutorial to follow or someone helping me i cannot utilize it, and the creator isn't contactable. : (

this is the tool im referring to.
Zerodevs tool might be able to get Wii model,textures Maps.

it would be cool to give people the option to import DBZ canon models and animations into Dragon ball Z Budokai tenkaichi 3 Wii USA, with upscaled textures. so if anyone knows how to add characters to the Wii vers, please contact me and we may be able to negotiate something in return for this information. :)
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