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Jun 8, 2008
Hey everybody! I've been trying to get SVSIP to work on my NDS lite for the past few days. I went ahead and got the latest one 'Seventh Version' from the official site. I did some reading and created an account with voipbuster obtained my unsername and pw and proceeded to put this awesome homebrew on my DS. This is where my problems began.

For some reason SVSIP just wont work! I followed the instructions littered around the internet but whenever I try to run SVSIP I get a red lower screen with hex all over it. I think theres something wrong with my config file can someone please check if its ok?

I've removed my username and pw:

# This is a comment in the config file.
# Information on http://svsip.free.fr

# Set domain sip provider (example: freephonie.net)
--domain sip.voipbuster.com

# Set authentication username
--username [my username]

# Set authentication password
--password [my password]

# Optional registration interval (default 55) (for freephonie set 1800)
--reg-timeout 1800

# Optional microphone volume (default 1.0)
--mic-level 3.0

# Optional speaker volume (default 1.0)
#--speaker-level 1.0

# Optional for expert: set realm
#optional: log to filename
#--log-file directory/filename
# optional: set log max level to N (0(none) to 6(trace))

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I managed to get it to boot. I put everything on the root of the card. It booted, connected to the wireless then showed the keypad and a black upper screen, I think it hangs here. If i press 'start' the upper screen turns on and shows the time and a battery meter but, the time doesn't move. Hitting any other buttons or the touch screen has no effect.

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