Need some help with some snes hacked roms

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    I recently found a thread here containing a great number of great rom hack. Some of them look awesome but i can't get them to work on my Wii with the snes emu. I tried patching the roms with the isp program thats on the thread with no luck now i went looking for info on the net and found a pre-patched rom of super metroid redesigned and it works flawlessly. I wanted to know if anyone can help me figure out what program is best to patch the isp patches to the roms so i can get them to work.
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    I have a bomb alallalallala
    Read the need to patch the roms with the correct version of the game.
    They are stated in the

    Also test it out on the PC before the Wii.
    If a Rom does not work simply tell me in the thread.I will make it work like magic.Swoof!
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    I use Lunar IPS whenever I patch my roms. It is a really simple program to use.

    Here's the link from the official site.