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    Jun 6, 2008
    Hi I live in Sweden and there is a town called Boden here. They are going to open a new gallery, but the name in unknow,
    We the people, are going to give some suggestions and vote for the best name.
    Press on "Rösta" in the right bottom corner.
    Next u will se a list, first on the list is "City Gallerian" and second on the list is "Tjock-Jockes Galleria"
    Press on "Tjock-Jockes Galleria" and it will pop up a new window, press "Godkänd", and it's done!
    Tjock-Jocke means Fat-Jocke
    So if "Tjock-Jockes Galleria" win, we will have a galleria in sweden called "Tjock-Jockes Galleria" and on your langue "Fat-Jockes Gallery"
    Jocke is a common name here in Sweden.
    Thx [​IMG]