need some help on what tv to buy

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    i'm in the market for a new tv. I thought an OLED screen from samsung would be nice, but they are f@$#!*g expensive. But i've looked around on the internet and found that there is almost no difference except the picture quality and power consumption? LCD screen are also good and a lot, lot cheaper but i don't know if the screen quality is as good.
    so what would you choose, OLED (more expensive) or LCD (cheaper but less quality)?
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    Jul 17, 2008
    OLED screens are not yet available in "big" sizes yet and aren't mainstream, you must be talking about LED tv's.
    LED tv's are the same as LCD tv's except that they have LED backlights. That makes the picture slightly better but it is IMO not worth the extra cash. Buy a regular LCD now and upgrade to an OLED tv when they become widespread and cheap. See detailed comparison here