need some clarification plez

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  1. Mysticcal

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    Nov 15, 2006
    Since DVD9s are extremely expensive, I want some clarification before I decide how many I buy

    Xbox360 only reads DVD9, yes/no?

    can you play DVD5 at all?

    must Xbox 1 games be burned on DVD9s?

    what makes the sky blue?

    thanks a bunch
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    May 21, 2006
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    DVD9 (dual layers) can be found on the cheap if you watch ads... BestBuy, OfficeMax and Staples have deals every few weeks where you can pick up a 50 pack of DL's for around $35-40.

    Since you can pop an XBOX 1 disc in an 360 drive and play it, I would say it can be read, so you don't need to burn a 1 disc on a DL.

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    I think you do have to burn xbox (xbox 1) games on DVD9 (Thug told me on
  4. deathfisaro

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    I thought so too.
    XBOX game images floating around have been tweaked to be burned on DVD9 and then runnable on 360.

    If you get a clean dump of a XBOX game, I'm not so sure.