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    Aug 4, 2007
    Hi all,

    Heres the story: I have a DS Firelink card which i believe is a flash card, and i had 25 games on it but then i tried using a file locker to lock some of the files so nobody could remove/add files. It didnt work when i tried to play so i removed and unlocked the files. Now im getting an error: open xmenu.dat error! which i believe means its missing? I've searched google, these forum and couldnt find anything. i've also downloaded alot of new firmwire which still giving me some sort of error.

    So my question is could i get a xmenu.dat file which is suitable for the firmwire i have on my firelink card? i believe its V1.44 (8G) which is what it says when i go into USB mode.

    Thanks in advanced. [​IMG]