Need help with regional stuff for animal crossing

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    OK so I have a 2ds xl US version and I have cfw install and all that so I know my 2ds xl is region free. Well a friend of my wanted a custom made town for the game animal crossing but she lives in Australia and her n3ds isn't modded in any way so I got a EU copy of the game so it would work on her n3ds. Since my 2ds xl has cfw I can play the game and mod the stuff she wanted into the save of the game.
    Once I finshbwith modding the town I tested to make sure the game work and I didn't get any error after saving it multiple times made use nonething woukd corrupt the save game like have the right amount of rocks, hills, right rivers layer right etc the game work just fine on my 2ds xl. But when I send her the game as soon as she started the game she got a error saying the save file was corrupt and had to erase the save.. I have no clue why I can't figure out what went wrong... Since shes in Australia a EU copy of the game should work for her right? Has anyone had this type of problem?
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    You can't exchange your 00000001.sav made on your n2DSXL and have her use it in her n3DS. If she tried replacing the save found on the SD card at:
    • Nintendo 3DS/<ID0>/<ID1>/title/00040000/00198F00/data/00000001.sav - if it's Welcome Amiibo (EUR)
    • Nintendo 3DS/<ID0>/<ID1>/title/00040000/00086400/data/00000001.sav - if it's original New Leaf (EUR)
    It won't work.

    The reason for this is that there's a file called the movable.sed within the 3DS internal CTRNAND that controls encrypting games and saves uniquely for each system. The only way to access this file is you have custom firmware, but at that point you would use Checkpoint or JKSM to share saves.

    Does Australia fall under the EUR Nintendo eShop market? If it does, she's able to hack her n3DS for 2 euros (or whatever that is in kangeroo money). I'm checking the page for the 3DS, but it doesn't appear Australia (AUS) region uses the (EUR) Nintendo eShop.

    If her n3DS is on the latest firmware, the only option she has left is: