Need help with r4 + ez-flash 3in1 sav pokemon

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    Aug 4, 2012
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    I'm from the middle of the map
    not sure exactly where to post this so i chose here

    so I got the ez-flash 3in1 and r4 (finally)

    and direct loading games thru wood always gives me "save data has been damaged or corrupted...." then "new game" menu, also overwrites my saves (good thing i backed em up

    this happens with all 5 pokemon games for gba

    so i try to gbata (sram patch) to no avail. (also tried clock fix for ruby, sapphire and emerald)

    next tried gbaexploader, loading sram and nor, but it seems either way after i load a game, it uses this save and this save only, so this save works the first time (leaf green for example)
    but if i load a different game (say emerald) i get the "battery is dry... save is damaged/corrupted" followed by new game menu (i think it is still tryin to use LG save for E which of course appears corrupt)

    so my question is, how can i get these to work with saving (preferably loading my old save)?
    and will i have to copy the save file back and forth each time i load a gba game?
    also how can i get the real time clock working in R/S/E?

    Thanks alot, the people here are very helpful, and I am sure I will have this working soon with all your helps


    *Edit* I figured out all but the Real Time Clock fix

    apparently I had my .ini file for exploader in the wrong spot