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    I bought Pokemon hack cartridge, Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Reign of Legends from last Thursday. Game is completely fine. I notice very small bugs in game but nothing effect bad in game. After defeat leader of Royal Darkness in forest then Palkia sent me time travel, same as Celebi does. After Blitz help me to escape the prison and just about to leave with Blitz, game crash in my real GBA SP even test on real GBA after restart my GBA, it crash. No GameFreak intro even black screen for name of company. I took out the cartridge inside and it not same design as other cartridge does. Also there are two big black spots. I see this before on my SNES controller. I took it out and I see one big black spot right middle of controller and it is why not respond the button I played. It is there way I can fix it my GBA cartridge for Pokemon hack? Please let me know below here.
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