Need help with CFWs, Gateway, Dual-Booting, FBI, and AGB_FIRM

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    Hey everyone-

    I've been out the past few months and I'm really struggling to fully "catch up". Everything moves so fast and I feel like many things are simply understood that I can't clarify by searching. I have an OG3DSXL on 4.2, a Gateway, EmuNAND (now version 9.9 as of last night), and a desire to be on the best and easiest combinations of firmware in order to make things simple.

    I should mention that I also have a N3DSXL on SysNAND 9.9 - my OG3DSXL is my CFW system.

    1) I have heard a lot about rxTools, and I keep reading that it uses Gateway's EmuNAND. So I just pop it on my SD and start using rxTools instead?

    2) What's the easiest way of dual-booting between Gateway and rxTools? I saw people suggesting it. Is there anything I miss out on by not dual-booting?

    3) After hours of searching I finally saw someone suggesting installing FBI to SysNAND, and that it can "change" MSET installations on the fly, so I wouldn't have to do the annoying browser load thing. Is this true? Easy? Is there a better way? (I feel like the way that I have put together of being able to do this would be to load the .FBI 3ds file on my Gateway and boot into Gateway SysNAND mode by holding B at boot. Do I have that right?)

    4) Should I even be installing things to my SysNAND? I have not yet because I thought it was a bad idea, and frankly I don't know how. (I believe) my NANDs are unlinked.

    5) I feel like I saw it mentioned that AGB_FIRM games need to be installed to SysNAND? How does that work considering my NANDs are unlinked?

    6) Do I need to do anything special for AGB_FIRM anymore? Seems like it's "built in" to the CFWs now. I never attempted AGB_FIRM stuff before, so I am not sure of the process.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for all the questions. I just want to make sure I get things clear before I potentially mess anything up.
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