need help with a problem after i upgraded my sd card size on my old 3ds

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    I have an old 3ds xl which i hacked with soundhax following every single step of this guide

    Yesterday I decided to buy a 64gb micro sd card to upgrade from my 32gb card. someone told me that all i had to do was boot up the 3ds while holding start to get into godmode, put in the 64gb sd card, and format the SD card and click auto for the partition size. Once the card is formatted i put it in my computer and just dragged every file from old 32gb card to the new empty card. then i popped in the new 64gb card into my 3ds. Launching my games worked just fine and my custom themes and apps all loaded but for some reason I can't launch freeshop and I can't install CIA's using FBI anymore. Freeshop boots into the retail game Nintendo 3ds splash screen then crashed into black screen when it dissapears and fbi just crashes when i try to install a cia.

    Did i do something wrong? Do I have to re-hack my 3ds from scratch to fix this problem or something?

    I really hope I didn't waste 20 dollars on this 64gb card :/
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    Hell I wanna know too because I was thinking of doing the exact same thing someday
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