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    May 6, 2009
    United States
    i have a 500 gb maxtor harddrive, i formatted a 20gb portion to a raw format using easeus portion master program. so after that using wbfs manager i formatted it to wbfs and put the game mad world on the wbfs portion of my harddrive and plugged it in. after booting usb launcher v1.5 it had me select a portion of my harddrive because it did not sense any wbfs drive.... so then i formatted the 20gb portion usin usb launcher and riped wii sports to try it out, and it worked but when i plug into wbfs manager and try to put a game on my harddrive i get a error message that says not enough free space in temporary folder,choose another folder....also wii sport dosnt show up when i load it the harddrive in wbfs manager.... do fix this problem so i can transfer games via wbfs manager??? HALP!!!
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