Need help using FFIV DS (J) save file on (U)

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  1. Extreme Coder

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    Nov 25, 2005
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    Ok guys, I need a bit of help:
    I want to try a save file I got from Gamefaqs, but it's from the Japanese version, and it's from Action Replay Max DS.
    The save is here :
    I tried Shuny's web converter and used it with the ROM, but when I launch the game on my CycloDS, the game overwrites the save file and makes a new one :/
    Also, if by chance, any kind soul has a save file from anywhere in the Lodestone Cavern/Troia to anywhere in the Tower of Zot, I'd be very thankful if I could get it [​IMG]

    Thanks a lot!
  2. DeMoN

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    That's a fake save. Way too small for any DS game save, especially a game like this.