Need help unbricking (Banner Brick - 4.2U)

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by brett824, Mar 18, 2010.

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    Alright, I have a bannerbricked Wii (installed a bad WAD), a drivekey (autoboot is most likely set to off), and savemii. What can I do to get my Wii back working again? Would an autoboot WAD Manager ISO do the trick? Smash Stack/Indiana Pwns?
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    yes, use smash stack on brawl to uninstall the bad wad, or if it was the System Menu or SYstem Menu IOS, just reinstall it a clean one. Too find the SYstem Or IOS, use NUS downloader.
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    Eh ?

    A banner brick can't be fixed by changing/swapping/reinstalling an IOS or system menu.

    @ brett824 - You seem to know what you're doing [​IMG] No harm in trying a kitt autoboot dvd. Don't reinstall IOS or menus. As for running a game to fix it, well that would need to auto boot too, so go with what you thought first and just get an autoboot disc from kitts thread, it *should* fix it last time I heard you only needed to have a cIOS to run the disc from the savemii type rescue menu (not tested myself though). It wont break anything though.

    You never said you had bootmii or preloader/priiloader installed so I guess you don't.... that would have helped a LOT, at least learn that from this m8.
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    May 6, 2007
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    The Wii doesn't have a trucha bugged System Menu, so I don't think using a premade autoboot disc will work.

    Additionally, it just occurred to me that Nintendo fixes bricks related to 4.2 for free, does anyone have an experience with pretending like 4.2 bricked your console? Will Nintendo find out that I had a Drivekey installed at some point if they repair it?
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    First of all, if you send a wii to Nintendo with the modchip still inside, of course they will know, & if you have homebrew installed they will also find that. I have found two methods that could work for you. The first one involves installing IOS70 which like slimmmmmm said, won't fix the problem however, if you installed a trucha-patched IOS70 & it works, you can then go ahead & boot a Kitt Autoboot DVD. This will require a game that installs a channel e.g Mario Kart, Wii Fit. You must have the iso on your computer so either copy your legally owned channel installing game to your computer or download one but you must legally own it! Also you must have enough NAND space to install the channel & if you have already installed the channel e.g You use Mario Kart but you've already installed the Mario Kart channel, this won't work. This method has not been tested.

    1. Download a game that installs a channel e.g Mario Kart, Wii Fit
    2. Open the iso with Wiiscrubber
    3. Download the IOS70 WAD, patched with trucha.
    4. Replace the installable WAD File with IOS70 WAD
    5. Burn the new iso & install the channel, if all goes to plan, the banner-bricked IOS should be overwritten with a patched IOS70, from which you can run an autoboot custom disc.

    The 2nd method is more complicated, & I have less faith in it.

    You need to prepare:GC-Controller; WiiScrubber; WAD Manager(1.4); Guitar Hero 5
    Ok let's begin.

    -Rename WAD Manager(1.4) file to "boot.dol"

    -Run MakeKeyBin.exe, type 42, click generate

    -Run WiiScrubber
    Click "load ISO", select "Guitar Hero 5" ISO
    Double click Partition "1"---------(The right is "1")
    Right click "main.dol"
    Click "replace"
    Select "boot.dol"
    Click "Scrub",save to another ISO file
    Close WiiScrubber

    -Burn two ISO files, one is the original Guitar Hero 5 file, the other is the modified file (I used ImgBurn).

    -Insert the original Guitar Hero 5 disk into the wii.

    -Plug your GC-Controller into port #4. Hold all 4 directions down on the d-pad and boot the wii.

    -Maybe wait for a while, Guitar Hero 5 will be loaded. Eject the disc. Now the screen directs you to insert Guitar Hero disc.

    -Insert the modified disc, Guitar Hero goes back to running.

    -Press "home" button on Wii Remote, Click "reset"

    OK, if smoothly,the screen becomes black, the WAD Manager is running.

    You may want to try putting anytitledeleter as well.

    Please let us know how it goes,
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    The most important question is, what's your system menu version?

    make a google search... there are plenty of topics regarding this.. banner brick fix

    here is one,