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    Good time of day!!!

    I spent 2 days playing with different apps to make WiiGator stuff work on my sons wii. Currently Wii downgraded to 2.2E, before that it was in 3.2E, 3.1E, 3.0E (thanks to Downgrader and long life successefuly Wanikoko!). So... 2.2E and AnyTitleDeleter says Informing Wii I'm the God... Not a chance dude!!! In responce the Wii says ES_Identify (ret = - 1017) and can not remove IOS249 from System section (I found an advice that it will help to install cIos via cIOS Installer) and error 102 and some others dispalyed :-( The cIOS Installer downloaded a bunch of code says Installation failed - 1017!!! (IMHO need to fix probs with domain name resolving!) The CIOS36_rev5-64-v1042.wad can be installed but installation of dvdx return 1022 error code, so I can't make early versions of loader\launcher to work. Is there any way to make Launcher 0.3 to work or reset the Wii to "out of the box" state to install Wanikoko loader? Lets say I save game saves to SD, downgrade to 3.2 and "reset" wii to clear the memory and the go with Twilight hack, Homebrew channel, CIOS36_rev5-64-v1042.wad and DVDx on lemony fresh console?

    With best regards, Dzaga!
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