Need Help: Ripping Cosplay Pikachu Animations


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Dec 11, 2022
I've followed the big main thread about ripping animations from UsUm, but every method I've tried to follow, I've run into some snag or issue that I can't fix.

I can get all the models/textures/animations up and running perfectly In SPICA, but I can't get them OUT of SPICA properly

exporting them one by one in dae models, gets most of it, but then some animation plays, and other parts of the model are just frozen in place, like pikachu's tail doesn't move at all
i tried using the 3ds to unity plugin, but that only loads the model itself, none of the textures or animations, i guess because its not compatible with ORAS and built for USUM
i even tried loading the bin files in like, 5 different builds of Ohana3ds, and all of them only let me load the model and textures, still not the animations
I'm at a loss for what to do or how to fix it, none of the guides I've seen mention this issue or what to do about, and worse, no one else has ripped Cosplay Pikachu that I can find, the models sure but I Need the Animations lol and no one has done it

any help or trouble shooting tips would be appreciated (Or if someone has ripped the animations already, direct me there)

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