Need help repairing - fading green light of death(?)

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    My first attempt at hard modding a was going so well, until I got ran into a problem with it no longer keeping itself on (the psp of course). I was just attempting to connect the usb port to the power input board (object charge port connects to) which should have been relatively easy but mistakes were made. I was able to salvage it from the mishap but what ended up happening was when I would attempt to plug it into my computer it wouldn't be read and was reported as a power surge or something of that sort. Ultimately I decided to abandon the small project and just return it to normal, as I attempted to do so I the wire I had been using to connect the two points snagged and loosend a strip from the usb port it was connected to. The strand was still intact but loosend, hoping the psp would still operate without a damaged usb port I powered it on and sigh with relief as the green light stabled and the initiation tone sounded. A day later I attempted to put it back together to see if all was well and what happend was the green light that was once stable now would only flicker on as I pulled the switch up and then soon after die down.

    If it had been a simple matter of a dead battery I wouldn't be so alarmed but after testing the battery on another psp it was up and running at 92%. This could only be trouble for me, I had considered it being shorted out but by what? could it have been the system would not work without a functioning usb port perhaps? Or had the power input board been sustained hidden damage; I was with questions but no possible way to get answers...

    I really have been more or less stumped on this one, I typically only solder when I'm working on my car or previously at my job (nothing with computers or motherboards just wiring lights and etc.) so perhaps I shouldn't have ventured into unknown territory for the sake of curiosity but in defense it seemed pretty easy. I started the short mod when I found out I couldn't get the phat model charged through usb and I was gettting a dead battery and had no charger in site (could have bought one but where's the fun in that?)

    Any Ideas?
    (somebody told me to solder on the TD fuse but I don't know what good that'd do me)

    *Cutting it short for anyone not interested in the back fat, I started to connect the usb port to the power input board and stopped and removed it before finishing. While removing I ended up damaging the usb port and maybe the power input board but I still get a short green light.
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    May have been damaged and can no longer be repaired.