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    Jul 22, 2016
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    Sooo, in health class, we got to watch a movie a few weeks ago.
    i wanna see that movie again, but forgot the name.
    can someone help me find it?

    all i can remember about the movie is that there's this girl that gets bullied in school, so much that she stopped going to school. i forgot what her name is, but i do remember she kinda look like molly ringwald.
    hmm, i also remember that one of the bully was her bf, that started to bully her because he thought she did something. but then when he found out that she didnt do anything and was just being bullied, he fell in love with her again and she gave him a second chance. then, they both went out of town. as they go, they were ambushed by the bullies in the streets, and her bf beat up the bully. then, they went out of town.

    thats all i remember.

    Thank you in advance for any help you may provide.
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