Need help reflashing Liteon console after madden :)

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    Aug 27, 2011
    Hi guys,

    thought i'd post this here as a mate said you guys can be good help.

    My situation is, i have a 360 Phat, that was flashed through a company for me to ix1.6 i believe, and has had no worries till yesterday. Now, stupidly i played a backup of Madden, only to cop the update (this game being wave 12, which i didn't know, and henceforth began the dvd firmware reflash update) and so now i am stuck with a 360 that reboots into "please insert disc" screen without the ability to get to the dash. Now, i know it was silly, but its done, and im hoping one of you guys can help walk me through reflashing/updating this console to 1.91 LT. I have flashed sammy and hitachi consoles in the past, so understand JF basics, but had this company do my new console to 1.6 due to not having the extra hardware needed at the time.

    Anyone willing to help out a guy whos a bit lost on what to do in the right order, would be much appreciated. I don't wanna do the wrong thing, so i'm hanging ten till i can do it in the right order.

    Feel free to PM me if your willing to help, or post that you are here.

    Cheers guys,

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    If you have the keys from your original dump, you can re-flash pretty easy. If you dont I think you need a probe or such to get the keys again after is flashed back to stock.

    I pretty sure that is correct but I could be wrong. I have a lite-on with LT+ (i think) and have been keeping eye on what I will need to sooner or later. I think 2.0 is coming soon, if your not in ruch maybe wait for it.