Hardware Need help on what kind of modchip I should get.


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Jul 30, 2007
United States
I've got a US Launch Wii, WiiTrackerScene says:

Your Drive Chip is most likely GC2-DMS.

Your Drive Pins are most likely not cut.

What kind of modchip do you recommend that is compatible with this chip? I would REALLY prefer something that works with Wii Clip/Wlip (by the way, which of the two do you think is better if you have any experience.) I would also like firmware upgrades via DVD. Other than that I'm good. Oh, and if you know of any places that sell wii clips presoldered to a chip, please let me know, because I would love to just to be able to get it, take apart my wii, clip it on, and close it up. I found one site, but they were EU and didn't ship here. I don't have any experience in buying modchips (just flashcarts). So I don't know any trustworthy sites to buy them from, if you could help I would appreciate it. Thanks.

EDIT: After some searching around it seems a WiiKey with the V3 WII CLIP would be best. Its upgradeable via DVD update, and its compatible with the GC2-DMS launch Wii. Does this seem like a good choice?

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