Need help on SWFs

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    You don't wanna know. :P
    Okay, this is what I've had done.

    I recently used the Developer Tools on Google Chrome to download all of the GoAnimate SFXs, which people probably want all this time. After downloading, I wanted it to convert it to MP3. It said, "Load failed", even it failed on foobar2000 when I changed the extension to MP3, and failed on VLC Media Player.

    I REALLY need help. Here's one of the SFX:!BlJzkCAQ!8NRq7Z9WCMssaruf4Hhax_FQgA0r_G9qcoYYhgPzdI4

    It's the Tic Toc SFX from GoAnimate.

    Please help!

    And sorry if this is the wrong section. :(