Need Help on Running ISOs on the Wii. (Noob Here)

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    Herro der, im pretty much of a scrub when it comes to modding/hacking Wiis, but i do have some knowledge in the subject as

    i have been able to tinker with my psp using all sorts of things. So be patient with my noobocity [​IMG].

    Anyways getting to the subject ive soft modded my Wii using a guide called "THE ULTIMATE WII SOFTMOD GUIDE For Virgin 4.2

    Nintendo Wii" and i think it worked to be frank. The Homebrew Channel Runs fine and NeoGamma is what i was told could run ISOs that

    have been burned on DVD-Rs. Thats where i run into the problem. I Run into an Error labled "1020" and it says that it couldnt read the

    disk. Ive installed DVDx so im really unsure about the problem. The Game im trying to play is Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom and i burned it at

    variable speed and Burners. i used PowerISO and ImgBurn. Using PI i did it maximum speed and with IB i did the slowest possible and

    fastest but none seemed to work. I also tried it with Super Mario Party 8 but it still didnt work. I would greatly appreciate any help you

    guys can offer me and ill be checking in to this forum every moment i can, if i left out some dire information that would be helpful please

    post it and i will grab

    it and if your wondering if english is my second language its not haha im just suffering from a little sleep deprivation ever since red dead

    redemption came out. Thank You in advanced [​IMG]. Oh and is it possible to wipe my Wii and re-soft mod it using a different method?

    Im Using a 8gig SDHC btw. I had this wii the year it came out, got it on Christmas i think.

    Probally other helpful stuff

    Neogamma R8, IOS 249 REV 14

    Wad Manager v1.4

    Usbloader cfg

    HBS IOS 61 V21.29 1.0.6

    Bootmii 1.1
    stub 1.1
    mini 1.1

    System Menu 4.2u Boot1b Boot2v4

    Tell me what you need ill be sure to grab it
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    Assuming you followed the guide correctly, your cIOS and NeoGamma should be up to date. Since you tried more than 1 game, it's safe to assume you don't have a bad dump. Do you have a newer Wii? The newer ones' drives won't read recordables, so you have to go USB or do a drive transplant. You can try to xfer the ISO to your SD card and load from there in the meantime. I'd recommend USB Loader GX, but Configurable USB loader is great too.

    You can re-mod your Wii but there is absolutely no reason to, and it's risky. The "virginization" process yields plenty of opportunities to perma-brick your Wii. There's really only one other "method" to follow and that's cIOSCORP/Darkcorp, and that won't fix your problem. *Corp is really only needed if you're too lazy/stupid to use a loader, or if you're playing one of the maybe dozen or so games that do IOS reloading and can't be bothered to do an alt-DOL. It should be obsolete soon, if Waninkoko gets the reload fix done. I came from the PSP scene into the Wii scene as well, and almost ended up installing Corp when I started. I'm glad I didn't in retrospect.
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    As Sundog said, If its a newer Wii, approx. Post Oct 2008, you will NEVER be able to play backups, you have to go the USB loader route.