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    I need some ideas from historical events for my essay it has to be 4-5 pages and has to be around 1700's to the 1870's
    Essay Topic:
    What The Heck? Sometimes history makes little sense. Choose a few historical issues that make little sense to you and write about why they are strange. Try to avoid being anachronistic. Some examples might be the Declaration of Independence stating that all men are created equal while the author owned slaves, or whites arguing that slavery ensured freedom. When writing be sure to explain the contradictions and perhaps offer them some editorial advice.
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    So empire building and running through to the industrial revolution (I assume it is the usual Euro-American history rather than all the good stuff going on in Asia and Africa at the time), possibly also the codification of a lot of modern legal systems. A fair chunk to choose from.

    The more cynical side of me would rewrite the description as it is framed there as "evaluate historical events through a modern understanding of morality". The slavery thing would be a great example -- you get to discuss all the various pseudo-science and old philosophies that informed such a thing, or simply whether they were greedy bastards, scared people, people that figured they could not manage such an upheaval.... Still absolutely and horribly wrong but "facts as they appear at the time" is an important concept.

    What do you know/enjoy? I could probably do that fairly well with industry/engineering/science and possibly medicine too. You may not care for such things as much as I, similarly that might also be an attempt to push against my more cynical rewrite above (morality is morality, physics is physics... guess which one will change first). Wars and politics interest me somewhat less, popular culture/art even less and I would struggle to do those, however there were some fair art movements during that period and we also start getting into the start of (if the renaissance, such as it likely never was, lasted over 100 years then you are down to decades at this point).
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    That's a very interesting period you've got there. You could focus on all the Intolerable Acts and tax reforms that lead to the American Revolution (Stamp Act of 1765, Quartering Act of 1765, Tea Act of 1773 etc.), there's a lot to write about, to be honest.