need help on essay quick (college essay)

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    i have to write a descriptive essay about a short story but i don't know what a descriptive essay is and i dont know how im supposed to write an essay about the short story.
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    First I would check either the course you are doing or the university you are for an essay requirements list. It might not exist and there might be one for this assignment that overrides the base one or, more likely, adds to it.
    Normally it is something as simple as preferred margins, font sizes and the like.

    As for what one is
    This list goes on for a while. The very short version is use your words to paint a picture of the event/location/item.

    Is this a set short story (or a set selection) or do you get to pick one of your choice. If it is set then probably best to read the story.

    For a book, I am guessing fiction, this is actually a little bit easier said than done. Such essays are usually aimed more at a place, an event, a singular work of art..... rather than a whole story with lots of different characters after all. However there is nothing explicitly preventing such a thing and a short story can be no different to an event, is the story told from multiple perspectives by any chance? Back in high school you might have been told to insert yourself into the scene as an invisible ghost and describe what you see, this is not necessarily the only way though.

    Lastly I know it is a forum post but you might want to tidy up your grammar a bit (you missed several apostrophes, secondly I am not sure if it is an English vs American thing but I was always told to capitalise the I). Personally I tend to do it without exception, give or take my occasional lapses when it comes to commas.
    Personally I like but be careful when using it as it is UK English rather than American English -- for instance I have never seen an American end a list without a comma before the last entry where that will tell you it is mostly optional unless omitting it will cause confusion. Unlike spellings there are few differences here though (other than those mentioned you are mainly then left with quote marks and more stylistic things). Edit. is not bad, the previous link does not really cover any of that so you should be good.