Need Help, Is there an really easy way to load backups with any Backup Manager

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    May 15, 2014
    Hello Guys,
    First i wanna say that i recently made my dusty Ps3 to a CFW one what means im new in the Ps3 Scene

    And thats my question

    My uncle with downsyndrom has a OFW ps3 cech 3004
    And I want to give my CFW Ps3 to my Uncle
    The Problem is he cant do the steps to mount a game etc with any Backup Manager

    i looked inside Irisman, Multiman and ManagunZ , they have a " Autoboot " function
    but everytime i start the game with that function i get a blackscreen/freeze

    ManagunZ also have a " Make PKG " function but when i install the pkg the file is corrupt

    Is there an easy way to start backups like start a game directyly from XMB like a short cut
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  2. random_human_being_

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    Feb 17, 2016
    With Webman it's much easier: from the XMB you just open Webman Games > PS3 > Whatever Game. You can even set it to auto-launch the game after mounting it.

    Also, nowadays most games have a digital version, which makes things even simpler.
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