Need help installing an hdd

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    Ok I want to install a 40 gb hdd along with my other 40 gb hdd that came with my computer. Right now the ide/ata cable that came with my computer only has room for one hdd so I have another ide with 2 ports on the end. I don't have the drive installed yet because I was wondering what I need to set the jumpers to. On my second hdd its set to cable select (16 heads) and my first one doesn't have any jumpers on it at all. So I was wondering if it would be as simple as

    1.Taking the original ide cable out
    2.Putting the new ide cable in
    3.Hooking the farthest ide to my first hdd and the other to my second hdd
    4.And hooking in the molex power connectors

    Will it work or will I run into problems with the jumpers?
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    Hook it up and see if it works first, although i'm sure for an IDE drive there should be jumpers on both. You want to make you secondary drive the slave, so set the jumper on that drive from cable select to slave if the computer doesn't boot the first time through.