Need help in updating to 3.60 firmware.

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  1. Ranek

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    Aug 23, 2016


    I tried to update to 3.60 from 3.57 firmware using the manual update technique from

    I have a PCH-2000
    Made from china.
    Bought in Malaysia.

    Every time I tried to update by using pc it keeps on saying "The latest version of the system software is already installed. (C3-12049-6)".

    I tried changing the region id in the xml file to sa,jp,us,uk,au,eu,my,cn and tw in a one by one way and still failed to update my vita.

    Needing some help here \o/
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  2. rd2k3

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    Jun 30, 2005
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    error C3-12049-6 is incorrect regions

    try those regions: NZ, KR, mx, ru

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    use Qcma_setup_0.3.12
    put the psp2updat.pup in PSVITA/UPDATE/ folder (crc a0a98d12)
    put the psp2-updatelist.xml in same folder

    after put 2 files in folder, start qcma, start psvita e plug the usb

    code of psp2-updatelist.xml (change mx to your psvita region)

    <region id="mx">
    <np level0_system_version="03.600.000" level1_system_version="03.600.000" level2_system_version="03.600.000" map="03.600.000"/>
    <np_d level0_system_version="03.600.000" level1_system_version="03.600.000" level2_system_version="03.600.000" map="03.600.000"/>
    <version system_version="03.600.000" label="3.60 ok">
    <update_data update_type="full">
    <image size="0"></image>
  3. Ranek

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    Aug 23, 2016
    Thank you rd2k3 but the problem still persist.

    This time I'm a little confused by the "PSVITA/UPDATE/crc a0a98d12"
    Where should I put it?
    Is it in the QCMA(0.3.12) vita updates which is "PSV UPDATES"

    Is it "PSV UPDATES/PSVITA/UPDATE/crc a0a98d12"?

    I tried to put it in PSV UPDATES and failed.

    And also is there always have been "ok" in the "label=3.60" inside xml file?
    I also tried both with "ok" and without it and failed again lol.

    Perhaps is there any other way?
  4. Ranek

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    Aug 23, 2016
    I finally found the solution.

    I copied the xml link from the wololo link and paste it into a text document which is wrong.

    You must have the xml as XML file and not text document.

    You can see that at the "type" corner of the file.

    And for everyone who have the same PCH 2000 and received the same problem as me, I suggest you use "jp" as region id.

    Last but not least,I would like to say thank you to this youtube video which is created by Skullator.
    The way he explain is quite good and for those who are lazy, you can just download the xml file via the video description.

    Btw,anyone know how to change the title to "(SOLVED)" ?
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