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  1. anime4ever

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    Apr 29, 2007
    I'm trying to buy an xbox 360 from kijiji, preferably hacked.

    I have done a research and here are the offers people replied to me:

    - Not hacked
    - 1 controller
    - video cables
    - power supply
    - no hard drive (yuckkk)
    -kernel 2.0.7363.0
    - 256mb integrated
    - do not overheat since its the new version


    Everything is in english in the description.

    His reply to me:


    Everything is in very good state. I am selling because it's been long time since I have used it. I have no time for playing anymore. The console works great - only used it a couple of times, the monitor and speakers too.


    - Complete Xbox 360 pro package
    - Console Xbox 360 Pro
    - Hard drive 20 Go
    - Wireless controller
    - HD cables
    - Headset with mic
    - Charger cable for the controller

    Dvd flashed with ixtreme 1.61
    Not banned from Xbox live but when on it in 2008
    and the games you see.

    His reply to me (in short) :
    - Bought in january 2008
    - Works great with new games (at least fight night 4)
    - Never had red rings and overheat
    - Played one year + 6 month in gaming mode.


    That's it for now. Waiting for more replies. So what do you guys say to me. I am interessed in the offer that comes with the tv and speaker's but it not hacked. I have not experience in Xbox 360 hack.

    Thanks guys [​IMG] Love you XOXOXOXO
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    Flashing the DVD drive is a simple process.

    The first one
    The thing that immediately jumps out is
    "kernel 2.0.7363.0", this means JTAG hack and so homebrew- region free, cheats, hacks and beyond.
    256Mb integrated means it is an Arcade model and a relatively new one. The seller claims a Jasper board which is a good thing.

    Ignore it, not sure how old the system is and everything else makes no odds.
    20 gig drive and the pro model is somewhat old so I would not do it.

    It is older so I would shy away from it for a first 360. It is better than the second

    I say go with the first link, if you jtag hack it you can use whatever hard drive you like and if not then it is not that difficult to score a cheap drive. If you really do not want the first one go with the third one.
  3. anime4ever

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    Apr 29, 2007
    Thanks for the fast reply.

    But since the first one is a arcade, there's no really special in the price,10$, I could discuss so the price go down right?

    And the third one, is it a problem if it's a bit old?

    Also, I have everything to hack the console? (As a newb)

    edit: also correction to the third one, 1 year + 6 moth irregular playing (not gaming mode)
    Third one also comes with a lot of things no?