Need help from the Wii softmod Guru's... BootMii question

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by MrRochie, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. MrRochie

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    [​IMG] What is the best procedure to install Priiloader and Bootmii (as boot2) so when I push the power button it boots directly to the Wii menu?. When I install bootmii it always overrides priiloader hacks. and boots to the bootmii (4icon) screen first. When I go into priiload an pick system menu as a hack option it still boots to the bootmii icons... Plus on some Wii's I've softmodded, the homebrew channel does not show a bootmii option when you are tring to backout of it. In other words, I can't used the homebrew channel to get into bootmii because the option is not there.. Idea's ??? I believe I have the tools just need the proper procedure know how.... I go simply like this.
    install HBC, DVDX, Bootmii then update to 4.2 if needed, next unstall Trucha, then remove stubs, install cios files then then last thing I do is install priiloader.... If I install priiloader first then BootMii still overrrides it.... just a little confused??? Thanks Dudes [​IMG]
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    bootmii as boot2 will be the very first thing thing you will see that boots up on a wii even if you have set priiloader to autoboot to an installed file, etc. you need to use bootmii config editor and change the countdown to 0, or change it manually yourself in the bootmii folder in your sd card. to access bootmii via hbc, you need to install it as an IOS.

    the best option to update and softmod is to:
    install HBC
    restore trucha
    update to 4.1 (try using wads instead of discs, as games with the 4.1 update contain boot2v4 which has a very small chance of bricking.)
    install priiloader
    delete stubs
    install cios

    or if you disagree with that, just follow the steps on the 'simplistic mod' thread
  3. wes11ph

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    "When I install bootmii it always overrides priiloader hacks"
    huh? bootmii doesn't do anything with priiloader even the hacks.ini

    get a bootmii configuration editor, edit the bootmii configuration inside the bootmii folder. it is setup to boot bootmii. set it to autoboot system menu.

    and on priiloader go to settings then set autoboot to system menu then save settings.

    "the homebrew channel does not show a bootmii option when you are tring to backout of it"
    your using the old HBC. use hackmii installer 0.6 install there the latest HBC.
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