Need help about slot 2 devices that have RAM

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    Ok I was just wondering if possible could someone put up a list of slot 2 devices that have ram in them

    I have an EFA-Linker 256mb back from the GBA days does this have RAM in it?

    also what does DLDI patching do and hows it done?

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    DLDI is a way of accessing the SD/memory on a card without having to resort to prebuilt libraries which eventually become defunct. A little known option is the FCSR (flashcart SRAM) that allows DLDI less cards a limited option.

    Ram, old EZFA/F2a/EZ1/2... relied on fast NOR memory to work with GBA but eventually people shifted to using NAND or cf/?SD cards and some ram (which is fast) instead.

    Carts that have RAM that is used in the odd bit of homebrew (usually to quite nice effect):
    EZ4 (all except ez4 lite compact)
    EZ 3 in 1
    G6 (all)
    M3 (all except professional)
    Supercard (the SC rumble I believe is lacking here)
    And the official opera pack (I suggest a flash cart though)
    These are the most commonly supported ones, i.e. those supported by lick's library: