Need for Speed: ProStreet has gathered a cult following

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Gamers back then dissed ProStreet because it wasn't a street racer, but now they're appreciating it more than ever. Admittedly, it's a fantastic simcade and I've been having a blast playing it on PS2 too (though the best versions are PC and 360, no doubt).

A!so, the sense of speed in this game is kind of unbelievable. I love that so much which is something I've noticed other racing games don't seem to have (DriveClub does).

It's also because of videos (well, the comment section) like these below that I learnt that adjusting the suspension makes the vehicle be stable than bounce off the road.

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Nov 21, 2005
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I think I missed this one (played the original series, my brothers were well into undergrounds and carbon so I made up the token second player at times*, did shift (which was apparently somewhat similar to this) and the run, whatever the one was where you played as both police and criminal, and variously saw some of the recent stuff.

*we did return to these a little while back when I got the gamecube out. They were still great fun to play and a sign of how much things have fallen in recent times.

Reading the general premise and looking at that video it appears to be the precursor to shift without leaning as much into the small tracks and more simulation stuff of shift.
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