Need For Speed Carbon Glitches

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    Oct 30, 2006
    I found it ammusing that in one night (2 1/2 hrs play), i had three glitches happen to me whilst playing my Dump.

    1. My Drifter Team-mate got stuck against a wall in a certain part of a course and remained there for the rest of the race.
    2. Was driving along and tapped a wall, then suddenly i was out of the course, driving in a glitch type background, it slowed me down, then i sped up and suddenly my car was was treated like it had crashed and was placed back onto the course.
    3. Was boosting fast and hit the middle of a split in the road whilst two opponents were touching me. Suddenly my car jumped a little higher on the screen and i was back in the glitch type background, same conclusion as last time.

    and i might add, i like the game a reasonable amount, its not the best, and the AI is pretty bad, but i reckon its probably the best racer on the ds so far.
    also i always use drifters now because they're so much more useful in the race and i love the speed (one of the better things about the game)