Need D2b cut let install tutorial and pics

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Wizard298, Apr 3, 2008.

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    I need a tut about how to rejoin the legs of a D2b wii, do you guys use a magnifying headset after you dremel, cause I use kynar wire and a 15 watt soldering gun from radio shack and seem to be having shorts.....

    The disc would spin fine and then stop on the 2nd time the laser tries to read the disc and I am sure it's the 3 wires that are shorting when you expose them from dremeling it.

    I removed the chip and orignials load fine with the chip originals don't load........... I used a install pic; but it's not very clear as to where the wires go so if anyone has any info that could be of some asistance would truley appreciate it.

    I heard you got to use pieces of wire like stripped kynar wire.... but how am I to rejoin it at both points without heating it up to where it would come off or getting it to not short together?

    Anyone have pictures or some tut on how to do this? Would be greatfull!

    Also I have lots of soldering experience, I have installed 1,000's of chips, but not in the wii, I used to install the old NEO 4 chips and many ps2 chips
    I chipped my wii I own and now doing another one, but this one is a D2b where my first one was the original release D2A
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    When installing to the legs, please, use a magnifying glass, it helps out a LOT (while trying to count them =P)
    If you're installing to the regular pads on the boards, there's no need for it though.
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    You could also try the Wasabi.
    It uses alternative solder points.
    So you wont need to remake the pins.