Need assistance in modding my Wiiu for vWii

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    Nov 16, 2006
    Hi peeps, I haven´t been paying much attention lately regarding softmodding the WiiU. I have modded quite some Wii´s but now I wanna give the WiiU a go that I have in the living room.

    I have been reading around here and here and I am feeling a bit insecure. That is I am afraid that I might end up bricking the machine.

    Now the facts, I have a PAL WiiU with 5.3.2.E Firmware and I have Lego Indiana Jones, what I need help with is:

    1. How to install the homebrew channel, do I also need to install any cIOS or any of that sort?

    2. I want the USB Loader GX

    3. and Nintendon´t

    4. I have an external HDD with some WiiU games that I got but somehow I guess that´s a completely different partition right?

    Thanks so much for your help.