1. foxhidden

    OP foxhidden Member

    Jul 17, 2016
    Hello there!

    I would like to ask you advices about my setup:

    - I have 2 Wii U's in a different place in 5.5.1 (I have to rent a second flat because of my work and sometimes I would like to play Wii U after a hard working day ^^)
    - Both of then have loadiine GX2 and a SD card with sames games and saves
    - I have installed Haxchi on Both too (I have Kawashima VC game) and I can start homebrew launcher directly and then loadiine so It's good.

    But as anyone knows, there are some better methods to play games now and I'm looking for it but some points prevent me from leaving Loadiine:

    - I synchronize my saves files betwen the 2 SD 's card so I can play the game regardless of the Wii I'm using because they are stored on the SD, this will no the case anymore when games comes to be installed on the Wii itself so how can I "share" it with my other Wii U?
    - I'm using a modded version of smash Bros. and i like to keep it and I don't think it's possible because the game is not "vanilla" anymore?

    For now Loaddine is working but some games freeze sometimes (MK8 for example I will make another thread) and some loading times are terrible so I was wondering for a better solution...

    Regarding my setup I can install without risk CBHC ? In case my Wii U will have better benefits like full signature and region patching right? No need mocha for example ?

    Thanks for your feefback ;)
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  2. BlackZero500

    BlackZero500 GBAtemp Regular

    Mar 11, 2017
    Well you have pointed out exactly the pros and cons of installing the games to. Console. Well you could exchange your saves with saviine i think. As for the custom game i dont know, maybe if you use a sig Patch, which you can by running haxchi. Hmm as of the Rest, i never had any Problems at all with installed games. I think its the more clever method.

    EDIT: installing cbhc is Not without certain risks. It only loads haxchi on Boot though. I have it installed Cause im lazy like that. If you dont mind loosing about 20 seconds to launch haxchi everytime than stay on haxchi. Its safer.
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