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    Hello all,
    I am going to buy a XenoGC and install it on my cube. While I am at it, I may install the WiiKey that has been sitting on top of my TV for the past 6 months.
    Anywho, I need you to make sure I am buying the right supplies. I am posting links to what I am going to buy and I want you to tell me how good it will be for the purpose.

    First, XenoGC. No comments needed on this, just trying to list everyting I am buying.

    Second, This wire:
    Is it small enough? Is is what I need ? Would I be better off quicksoldering this to the driveboard?

    Third, the iron.
    I currently have a 30-35W, but it messed up my wii drive when I tried to install the 'key, so I am buying a smaller one.

    I already have solder. It is 60/40 I think. It has a rosin core. Is this acceptable?

    Also, do I need flux? My solder has a rosin core, but what does that matter?

    Is there anything else that I need? Ever since modyawii went down with wiinewz, I have not been able to find a good guide.

    Please help.

    Source is

    Indiana Jones



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    You should aim for a weaker iron, 12-15W should be good, the wire is good too! Also flux should be used, it'll aid with giving the point's and wire some stickyness...otherwise you'll be playing with little solder balls for ages :-P