Need A Newest Noobie Friendly Guide to install SX OS 2.1

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    Oct 13, 2018
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    Hi, I am very new to this scene. I just received my xecuter dongle today. I know Xecuter team just released a new SX OS version a couple days ago. My question is since they allow emunand now, can give me a tutorial on how to hack switch with this firmware to get the most out of it? My switch is currently on 4.1.0 firmware, I want to enable emunand, I don’t play online. Is there any tutorial out there for a fresh never hacked switch. Also I want to play new game such as Mario Party, do I have to update? Thank you so much.
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    1. Don't use EmuNAND (if you don't play online, it is not worth it anyway).
    2. Xecuter has a tutorial on their website.
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    Yeah mine always crashes upon second scan towards the end of it. Even with a FAT32 formatted SD card.